Band of Horses Tuesday Tunes

Alex and I are going to our FOURTH Band of Horses concert Halloween Weekend in Charlotte and because we can't contain our excitement, I thought it would be cool to challenge ourselves to pick just 3 top songs from each studio album that we love. I skipped the live albums and collabs even though those are great. It was nearly impossible to pick just a few favorites but here they are... we hope you enjoy tonight's Tuesday Tunes!

Everything All the Time

  1. The Funeral
  2. Great Salt Lake
  3. St. Augustine

Cease to Begin

  1. No One's Gonna Love You
  2. Islands on the Coast
  3. Is There a Ghost

These first two albums were ones that I discovered while watching countless episodes of the O.C. I was obsessed. Even the one year we went to Disney in eighth grade for Thanksgiving, I didn't miss an episode. These are albums I shared with Alex when we started dating my Senior year of High School and they still give me all the feels. Everything All the Time and Cease to Begin are albums we fell in love to and very much representative of our early relationship.

Infinite Arms

  1. On My Way Back Home
  2. For Annabelle
  3. Laredo

A decent amount of time was spent anticipating the release of Infinite Arms after the first two studio albums. In some ways it was a big departure from them but maybe not as much as the albums that would follow. We had the pleasure of sitting behind the band's Mamas in Charleston at the N. Charleston Performing Arts Theatre my Junior year at College of Charleston. The icing on the cake was having Ben bring Annabelle out on stage in a ladybug costume while he sang For Annabelle to her. I hope someday our kids are that inspiring.

Mirage Rock

  1. Everything's Gonna Be Undone
  2. Slow Cruel Hands of Time
  3. Long Vows

To be honest, I didn't like Mirage Rock when it first came out. Why? Because it was more rock but it was also their first foray into true alt-country, in my opinion. BUT we got to hear more and more of Tyler Ramsey's influence and what a treat it is!

Why are you OK?

  1. Dull Times/The Moon
  2. Solemn Oath
  3. Country Teen

Alex pre-ordered this album for us on vinyl when it was announced and it's a new favorite. You can often come home and find it on replay. It's so easy to listen to and I find myself defaulting to it when I need some background music for painting. It was well worth the wait and a huge improvement on Mirage Rock. I think this album really gets back to Band of Horses' roots while reinventing themselves at the same time. 

Thank you Ben and the boys for being one of the most relatable bands of our time. Happy listening!