Where have I been?

I left social media for Lent. I honestly didn’t miss it too much and it pushed me to work on myself and contact friends I really wanted to see. I felt more connected to people and put more effort into our relationships.

One of my goals for Lent was to focus on finding a job since we were moving back to our hometown. I had a phone interview for my dream job and they brought me in the Thursday before Good Friday for another interview. I was hired that day and they wanted me to start almost immediately so I quickly wrapped things up in Charleston! We went somewhere new and did something different with our friends almost every day of my last two weeks. Between work, packing, and crossing things off our bucket list, I was exhausted! It was so worth it.

I’m now a month into my job, have two major events under my belt, and we are finally starting to unpack our apartment.

I have been so busy that it seems like I don’t have time to keep up with my own social media, just what’s required by my job. I want to try to make a conscious effort to at least post weekly updates here since we’ve been doing so many exciting things lately!

Stay tuned.

Kuleigh Bakerfybakers