Weekend Link Roundup - January 27, 2017


I'm a little behind on some blogs I've been meaning to post but I'll get around to them soon enough. I had some things to finish up around the house last night before heading over to my mother-in-laws for dinner and puppy playtime. I've felt really tired all week and have struggled to get up on time so I went straight to bed around 10 p.m. when we got home. My sister is coming into town this weekend for her birthday and tonight we are going to look at some puppies. *Update* We got a puppy. We've officially lost our minds, I know! 

Until next time, here's a look at some things I've been reading and watching on the internet this week in my weekend link roundup:

Am I the only one that experiences financial stress? Evidently not. I really enjoyed reading this article about the different ways our finances can affect our mental health.

Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credits have come under fire with the new Presidential administration. I wrote to my state representative this week in support of them, as they directly affect my job and our consulting services.

As women, we don't believe enough in ourselves and our abilities and we're not doing enough to lift our girls up. I hope someday if we are lucky enough to have a little girl, that we'll raise her to be self-confident and know her worth.

Pinterest released a list of 100 trending topics. I'm looking this over to get some ideas for blog content and photo prompts.

Did you know you can stay in a treehouse in SC? This is officially on my to do list!

I've been trying to find more travel and outdoor blogs to read lately. Erin Outdoors is one of my favorites. I love this article she wrote this week about being fearless when sharing your opinions.

Another travel blog I've stumbled upon this year is Polka Dot Passport. I especially like the symmetry in her travel portraits from 2016.

I absolutely adore Rachel Urquhart's drawings. She's currently inspiring me to figure out what my own style is by doing more personal projects, even if that means taking a step away from commissioned work.

Sometimes things take time. And sometimes you just need someone to remind you of that.

I don't care about Fifty Shades Darker... or Taylor... but I do like Zayn.