Weekend Link Roundup - April 21, 2017

My friend Meghann gifted me with this incredible gem magnet and it is so special to me! Meg has meant a lot to me over the past couple of years that we have gotten to know each other. She is an incredible artist and in a lot of ways, she has been a mentor to me. Meghann believes in my skills and took a chance on me this past January by asking me to be her second shooter at a wedding! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I've had to hone in on my craft and share my own knowledge and experiences thanks to Meg. Meghann recently launched a fine art business venture called Meg Dainty. Her introductory film had me in tears! She's an incredible artist and storyteller which in my opinion stems from her innate ability to not only listen but ask thoughtful and deep questions in an effort to capture raw feelings. It would mean the world to me if you checked out her work!

Speaking of mentors, Brooks wrote a great blog post on how to use mentors to increase your success. This guy is wise beyond his years! I've personally been very lucky to have a few awesome girl bosses in my life who have guided me throughout my career like Alesya, Kristin, and Lacey. It's an incredible feeling to have someone you look up to give you free advice. It's all about community over competition. 

Another friend who has been lifting me up and encouraging me to keep up my blog is Maggie! In her latest blog post over at Margot Bleu, she shared some tips for a weekend in Charlotte, NC. I'm so excited that she'll be moving to the Queen City soon. I know we'll be meeting up because we absolutely love going to see concerts at The Fillmore and making IKEA trips for things we don't really need. 

I also really enjoyed reading James' advice to stop setting goals this week. Lately, I've been taking a more deliberate approach to chasing my dreams. Sometimes you've just got to be more active and aggressive to get what you want and having a system or plan is definitely the way to achieve your goals.

What's inspiring you this week? Leave some links to things I should check out this weekend in the comments!