We don’t have much furniture so we decided to drive to IKEA in Charlotte for the day to pick up some new things. We’ve been avoiding unpacking completely until we get furniture so we don’t have to redo everything. My sister rode with me so I didn’t have to be too lonely in the second car. There were so many police cars on the road for Memorial Day that there wasn’t even an opportunity to speed if you wanted!

After walking through the showroom for a while, we had lunch in the cafeteria. Everyone has the infamous Swedish meatballs. We then had to make our way to the warehouse to pick out our furniture. Unfortunately they were out of the dressing table I planned to use as my nightstand.

We left IKEA and drove to SouthPark mall. Alex was so impressed my how fancy it is! We looked at a few stores like Lush, Urban Outfitters and the Container Store before getting in line at the Cheesecake Factory. They have the biggest portions! We all split the fried macaroni as an appetizer and then the coconut curry shrimp and chicken with rice as a meal. Of course we had a peanut butter cheesecake for dessert!

As if getting home at 10 wasn’t late enough, we put together our new coffee table, a nightstand, and rolled out our living room rug. Stay tuned for pictures as it all comes together!