Record Collection Favorites

Record Collection with Ikea organization

I want to start this post by saying we are by no means extensive record collectors. I'm constantly blown away by other people's libraries. We have a very modest collection of older albums thanks to my in-laws attic and we've been lucky enough to be able to purchase some newer albums over the past several years. We started collecting a few years back when Alex was in college. We can go months without purchasing new records and try to reserve them as gifts for special occasions. After all, we are adults with bills to pay that take priority over music purchases. This past Sunday we stopped by the Riverfront Antique Mall and found quite a few gems from $2 to $6 to add to our collection. We added titles from The Who, The Monkees, Genesis, ELO, and Elton John among others. I was really surprised what we were able to find! This post has just a few photos of some of my favorite records that we own. I love them all for different reasons! Some have great album artwork or colored vinyl. Others are from some of our favorite artists or hold special memories. Do you collect records? What are your favorites?