Trunk or Treat


You only have your first Halloween once so Rooney had not one, but three festive outfits throughout the day! She spent the morning in a pajama/play suit outfit we bought on consignment at her Nana’s house. We’ve been doing a couple of trial runs to help us adjust to a new routine before I return to work next week. Later in the day we dressed her up as a little pumpkin and went to the church Alex grew up attending for their Trunk or Treat Fall Festival! We pulled our resources together to decorate the trunk of the car and passed out candy to all the little ones. Amazingly I went home with a whole bag of unopened candy (which I’m just a little excited about because I love Almond Joys). They had hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips for everyone inside and inflatable jump houses outside. We noticed a lot more people from the surrounding neighborhood joining in on the fun this year. Rooney slept for the first half of the evening but then woke up so that her aunt and uncle and grandmothers could hold her for a bit. The best costume I saw at the festival was a little weatherman! His stroller was a raincloud and it was so clever! Afterwards we changed into another set of pumpkin PJs before bedtime. They were all pretty cute outfits if I do say so. So that was our little family fun-filled Halloween night. I was a little bit lazy and didn’t bother to come up with a costume but I already have a family costume idea in mind for next year and I can’t wait to make it!!! Let me know what the best Halloween costume you saw in person or going viral on the web was this year in the comments.