Tonight was the first night in a long time that I’ve really gone out with friends and spent any extended amount of time with people other than my family and co-workers.

Zac and Amelia are back in town so I went to their place after getting my hair cut and running a few errands. Zac and his mom have birthdays a day apart and they always celebrate together. I think that’s really cool. I guess Matt and I are like that and since I’ve gotten closer to Alex’s family we have been doing more to share our special week.

We ostracized ourselves from the “real” adults and spent a lot of time outdoors with Carrie’s sweet bunny. After dinner we headed to Hive to see Alex. I think I had more to drink tonight than I have in the past three months but it’s all good!

I really had fun relaxing and laughing. Note to self: we need to spend more time with other couples and our married friends here. We get too tied down to work, chores and the daily grind and don’t make enough time to enjoy ourselves and good company.

It was a good night to celebrate the end of most Augustan’s summer.

Kuleigh Bakerfriends, downtown