This past Sunday was Second Sunday in Charleston. It was so hot and so sunny and everyone in Charleston seemed to be out on the streets! We walked down King Street and mostly looked at the dogs (and pig), not the shops! I was really craving pizza all weekend so we went to Mellow Mushroom and tried the Maui Wowie. It was pretty good! The gate to this cemetery garden always has really inspirational quotes and this particular quote resonated with me and where I’m at in my life. You know what is so great about Second Sunday? King Street is pedestrian only and the people love it! Just look at how many people come downtown to celebrate. Recently there’s been an article circling around about how King Street is one of the greatest streets in America. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating and shopping on King just like everyone else but it is not one of the best streets. King Street will never truly be great until parts of it are pedestrian only. We saw it work so great on Rose Street and part of Castle Street in Edinburgh. Being pedestrian friendly is just a start, though. It needs some landscaping and curb appeal too. The bike corrals are a good start but the way the city is going about the fines seems to be deterring bikers versus encouraging them. It’s a busy street so why not make it inviting? We could have Second Sunday every day.