The Hive


When we first moved back to Augusta, my husband took a job at the Hive Growler Bar while we got settled in. As a beer aficionado, it was a great fit! He’d never worked in food and bev before so that alone was a good opportunity for new experiences. If you’ve worked in the industry, you know how tough it can be. Hive has been one of our go-to places for brunch, lunch, and dinner dates ever since!  

One of my favorite things about the Hive is that they frequently host tap takeover nights. Unlike a traditional bar, they have 70+ beers on taps with handcrafted cocktails, wine, and sodas too. During a tap takeover, a brewery will come in and have several taps dedicated to their selection. It’s a really good way to sample a lot of what a brewery has to offer. We’ll usually go and order flights of several different beers before they’re tapped out within a few days. You can also order growlers (or howlers) of your favorite beer to go and enjoy it during the week!

Even though the Hive is a growler bar, they have an incredible kitchen menu with daily happy hour specials as well! I’ve tried almost everything on the menu but a few standouts are the crawfish boudin balls, vegan bean burger (even if you’re not vegan or vegetarian it is amazing), fried green tomato po boy, and the smoky apple grilled cheese. My go-to side is the creole fries but my husband usually orders the kale slaw! If you’re feeling super indulgent, order the poutine. 

We love spending time in downtown Augusta and feel so lucky to be able to share it with Rooney!  For this particular day date we sat outside on the picnic tables before heading down to Field Botanicals and eventually to Grantski’s Records. Towns are meant to be designed to get out and walk to all your favorite places. Augusta is fortunate to be seeing a resurgence of that thanks to restaurants like Hive that are a huge draw!

Have you ever been to a growler bar? What do you think about the concept?