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24 Hours in Atlanta

Seeing Radiohead in concert isn't something I ever even imagined being able to do during my lifetime so it just exceeded all my hopes and dreams. Right up there with Beyoncé. There are just moments in your life where you feel incredibly lucky. This was one of them. It was magical and I'm still pinching myself that we had this opportunity.

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Max Patch

I was surprised by how few people were up at Max Patch during our hike. There were a few people leaving when we arrived and we were alone for the majority of our stay. There was only one other couple walking around while we were up on the bald but they were keeping to the other side. Because it snowed the night before, the trail was muddy and slippery. We trekked our way up carefully, trying to avoid the mud as much as possible. If you want to feel really out of shape, go take a hike! I kept stopping on the way up (because I'm wimpy) but each time we stopped it was a chance to take in a new view so in the end it was totally worth it to ascend the mountain slowly.

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Charleston Weekend Getaway

We dropped off Aengus at my in-laws house for a weekend away with his puppy cousins, Rufio and Tinkerbell. He's such a good car rider but I think half-way there he realized that we weren't going to the dog park and started to look a little sad. That quickly went away when he was able to put his heart eyes on Tink. Nana and Pops took good care of him while we headed out of town on another quick trip to Charleston to celebrate our dating anniversary weekend and hang out with friends.

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