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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is in many ways my favorite holiday. No one expects gifts. There’s no pressure to spend money. We get to spend time with our family and indulge a delicious meal together which is something we don’t get to do all the time. It felt a little strange to be traveling on Thanksgiving day instead of taking part in our normal traditions this year. The past few years as a married couple we’ve woken up to take a walk together (and with the dogs) then cooked a big breakfast and turned on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the dog shows.

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Solar Eclipse 2017

We had an eclipse watching party at work that started with lunch (chicken salad sandwiches, salad, pasta salad, potato salad, and broccoli salad... can you tell we like "salads" in the South?!) and ended with everyone outside on the top balcony watching as the sky darkened, street lights turned on, temperatures dropped, and the moon quickly covered the sun. We live in a town where we were able to see the eclipse at about 99.5% so not while it was disappointing we weren't quite in the path of totality, it was still a really neat experience.

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