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How to Pack a Winter Carry-On

I always find packing for a winter destination fairly challenging since it is almost always warm where we live in South Carolina and because packing bulkier items forces you to be a bit more strategic in your planning process. I know lots of people are getting ready to head back out of town this holiday season to visit family and friends, so these are my helpful tips for how to pack for a week in just a carry-on bag this winter.

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Packing for Cabin Weekend

I am far from being a pro at packing but over the years it has become easier for me to limit myself to just the essentials for a short trip. The past few times we vacationed, we elected only to bring carry on bags on the plane (which actually rules out this pack). Almost all of the clothes in my closet are the same five colors: denim / chambray, mustard yellow, black, white, and burgundy. It makes it very easy to mix and match things that I own. I basically dress in a capsule wardrobe unintentionally. Everything I packed for this trip can be worn together and layered to create more outfits than I need for this trip. 

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