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15 Healthy Weeknight Meal Ideas

I’ve been making lots of fresh food at home the past couple of weeks! Most of these recipes have come from Pinterest. I try to plan out our meals once a week and I am guilty of using Kroger Click List at this point in my pregnancy. We’re currently eating low sodium with as little processed food as possible (we make exceptions for whole wheat pasta, multigrain bread, and ice cream sometimes to satisfy those cravings).

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Easy Mason Jar Meals

Meal prep is a relatively new concept to us. We haven't been consistently preparing breakfasts and lunches ahead of time, but I thought I'd share three easy Mason jar meals that you can make ahead of time to eat for breakfast or lunch throughout the week. When we do make the time to meal prep, it usually takes an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon to get everything cut and assembled. While it takes a little bit of forethought, it saves us time and money week over week and we usually consume a lot fewer calories because we aren't tempted by the convenience of grabbing a fast food meal to go. 

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