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Bedford Greenhouses

We started out walking around outside to look at all the plants and then wandered through the back of the lot by the half-emptied greenhouses. There were so many beautiful colors and textures to be found. After getting lost in a maze of plants, we made our way back around to the inside portion of the nursery. Inside were an assortment of pots and garden gifts and their succulents. Bedford Greenhouses has THE cutest terrarium bar! I've never seen anything like it.

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Birthday and Anniversary Week

We decided a few weeks back that we wanted to go to Manuel's Bread Cafe for our anniversary dinner. It's been years since I've had Manuel's for dinner and it seemed like the perfect occasion to indulge ourselves with an expensive meal. My mother-in-law was sweet enough to gift us with some money to go out to eat and celebrate our third year of marriage which made it an even better deal!

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Downtown Loft Tour

The Downtown Loft Tour is one of my favorite events to coordinate and it's probably because it's one of the few events I have enough time during the weekend to enjoy. This year we had 9 distinct buildings and 11 unique lofts ranging from churches to an architecture firm to a multi-story house. Each was perfectly decorated and curated to match the personality of the person who lived inside. The tour left me realizing that I need a little bit of help decorating our place! 

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