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Georgia Aquarium

If you didn't know, my husband studied Marine Biology in college. We've always been a big fan of aquariums and they're usually on our list of must-see places when we travel to larger cities. The tickets are a little pricey for adults, so if you go, be sure to check out the amazing dolphin show and sea lion shows to take full advantage of the purchase cost. My favorite sea animal at the aquarium is the Weedy Sea Dragon by far!

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Monday at The Masters

There's probably no other sporting event that creates the amount of side hustle we see in Augusta during Masters Week. People will rent their houses and take a week of vacation off of work to cash in on a part time job cleaning houses, chauffeuring patrons, setting up chairs, catering, and a million other hospitality-related tasks that you might be able to imagine. Despite the traffic, the hope of attending the tournament and the excitement surrounding the influx of tourists brings everyone in Augusta together for one incredible week each year. 

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Foodie Guide to Athens

We visited Athens, Georgia for the first time earlier this month and were able to sample some of the local flavors thanks to the great recommendations of friends! Here's our guide of where to eat in Athens if you're visiting! Since we always try to travel as cheaply as possible while also supporting local businesses, these restaurant recommendations won't break the bank!

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