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Colonial Times - Living History on Film

I'm playing catch-up on sharing some film scans I got back from The Darkroom. These are from our visit to Colonial Times: Under the Crown at the Living History Park in North Augusta, SC from back at the end of April. It was a fairly cloudy day but other than a little graininess, I'm fairly happy with how these turned out. Kodak film captures greens and reds so well! 

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Charleston on Film

I can't believe it's been a whole month since my sister and I had a staycation / girl's weekend in Charleston. I shot some film while I was down there and I just got them back over the weekend. I'm so glad that I forced my sister to hold my cameras while I switched back and forth between digital and analog. I was able to capture some great shots of the College of Charleston campus that I'll cherish forever. It will probably be quite some time before we make another trip to the coast. We've got a few other trips in mind and need to save our pennies to get out and explore some new places. 

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Max Patch on Film

I was anxious to login to our account and see how everything turned out. Like I mentioned in last week's weekend link roundup, we tried to follow some tips from the Plant Based Traveler and a video tutorial from the 1980s demonstrating the Nikon FG manual that I found online. Based off of that video, I knew that I wanted to ease back into film by shooting in Aperture Priority mode since I didn't anticipate taking any action shots where I'd need too much creative control over the shutter speed. I also challenged myself to shoot a whole roll just on Max Patch. I wanted to isolate as many variables as possible for this roll.

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