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Brunch Date at Bodega Ultima

I hate to admit that I’ve become that person who orders the same one or two things every time we go to a restaurant but when it’s consistently good, it’s sort of hard to switch things up! This time I had the Basque, a croissant with egg, tomato, avocado and chorizo and Alex ordered the Ultima (more or less the same breakfast sandwich but with bacon and an amazing aioli sauce).

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Foodie Guide to Athens

We visited Athens, Georgia for the first time earlier this month and were able to sample some of the local flavors thanks to the great recommendations of friends! Here's our guide of where to eat in Athens if you're visiting! Since we always try to travel as cheaply as possible while also supporting local businesses, these restaurant recommendations won't break the bank!

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French Press Brew Guide

Have you ever wondered how to use a French Press? While it's not always our go-to method of brewing coffee at home, we do pull out our French Press from time to time. Since I mentioned how I was able to whiten coffee stained teeth at home in my last blog post, I thought I'd stick with the coffee theme for this week by sharing our French Press recipe!

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