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Packing for Cabin Weekend

I am far from being a pro at packing but over the years it has become easier for me to limit myself to just the essentials for a short trip. The past few times we vacationed, we elected only to bring carry on bags on the plane (which actually rules out this pack). Almost all of the clothes in my closet are the same five colors: denim / chambray, mustard yellow, black, white, and burgundy. It makes it very easy to mix and match things that I own. I basically dress in a capsule wardrobe unintentionally. Everything I packed for this trip can be worn together and layered to create more outfits than I need for this trip. 

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The Battery

After brunch we headed down to The Battery to feel the ocean breeze. The water was as blue as the sky. We didn't see any dolphins but there were plenty of boats zooming by us. It was decided that Corey needs to make good friends with someone who owns a boat when she starts school. We took a little walk to see some of the houses and even ran into someone walking their Welsh Terrier (a little version of our Airedale). It was unbearably hot and we all had sweat rolling down our backs so we decided it would just be best to go for now. 

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Charleston Checklist

Later in the evening we headed over to Mt. Pleasant so I could give my family a taste of the Old Village. Actually, we parked right in front of the same house on Hibben Street that Julia of Gal Meets Glam posed in front of a day later! It was like kitten heaven on Hibben. Every yard had at least one cat chillin' in the driveway. We walked over to RB's Seafood Restaurant for dinner because we wanted to eat somewhere on the water. We were really disappointed when we got there and realized that you can't access the boardwalk from the back side of the restaurant. By the time we finished our meal it was too dark to look for dolphins, anyways. Next time we'll just plan a trip for brunch and then make our way to the park.

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