Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe


Packing light doesn’t mean that you have to wear the same outfit multiple times during your trip. By selecting versatile pieces from a complementary color palette, you can mix and match items to create a variety of outfit choices from just a few items of clothing. After temporarily losing our checked baggage on our honeymoon to Scotland, we swore off flying with anything other than carry-on items. Having a baby restricts the amount of space available in our bags even more, so I knew I needed to be very strategic about what to bring and what we could purchase at a nearby store after our arrival.

So how did I go about packing just a few clothing items without compromising my personal style? I stuck with basics in a limited color palette. I chose styles that could be dressed up or down depending on the accessories I paired with my outfit that day. I am a huge fan of statement earrings and it is easy to transform a look with a simple change. The same goes for scarves and hair accessories.

I tried to think hard on how I could wear each item at least 3 different ways. Because we were traveling somewhere cooler, I made sure to wear all my thicker items on the plane vs taking up room in my bag.

I ended up with just over 10 items of clothing and still had plenty of room to pack my toiletries and baby clothes for the week.

What I packed in my carry-on:

6 tops (1 tank, 4 short-sleeved, 1 sweater)
3 bottoms (jeans, jean shorts, paper bag shorts)
1 cardigan
1 set of PJs
2 pairs of shoes (strappy sandals and tennis shoes)


Are you team carry-on or do you like to have more options when you’re traveling?