Sometimes I work instead of looking at the Internet on my phone all the time. Hard to believe, I know.

I’m an assistant to the visual resources curator at the college. I work in the Art History department doing whatever I can to reduce the mundane work professors have. Often that means making copies of books and saving them to PDFs so that students can read excerpts without having to buy or check out a book. That means I’m literally your favorite office worker now, no?

Technically I work in a slide library. It’s okay, no one else knows what a slide is anymore, either. (See illustration above for a handy explanation) We’ve gone away from using slides in recent years. They’re almost obsolete. Occasionally I have to file slides that have been digitized.

Right now I’m working on a museum research project. I search online museum collections for images that we have in our database. The goal is that I find an image that is better than the book scan or slide we currently have. It’s easy if you’re looking for a Van Gogh but not so easy if you’re looking for a specific amphora from Ancient Greece that doesn’t have a title. Sometimes I find my job a little tedious but I’m always thankful to spend my day looking at art. It’s hard not to be inspired.

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