Shedd + Magnificent Mile

Printers Row Chicago Illinois
Intelligentsia Coffee in Chicago IL
Shedd Aquarium in Chicago Illinois
View from Shedd Aquarium

On our second day in Chicago we went to Intelligentsia in the Monadnock Building before taking the bus to the Shedd Aquarium. Alex was a marine bio major so fishes are on the top of his list. We got to see a really neat show at the aquarium with trained dolphins and beluga whales. They even had live Christmas music for the holiday season! The weather that day was cold and crisp and one of the few clear days we had on our trip so we took advantage of it and didn’t stay at the aquarium for more than a couple of hours.


We also took advantage of the weather and went to the Christkindlmarket (again) for lunch and shared pretzels, latkes, and warm drinks. The Christmas market was at the Richard J. Daley Center, the home of The Picasso. It was seriously so crowded you could hardly walk around, let alone find a spot to stand to eat! After lunch we walked up to Michigan Avenue to check out the Magnificent Mile. We went to the Riverwalk first to recreate a photo of the famous Wilco album cover at Marina City. I will always think that the cars at Marina City are getting ready to fall from the sky at any moment. Always. 

As we were walking past countless police officers on foot, bike, and steed, alongside protesters, and shoppers, Alex got suckered into having his boots shined. His boots that he’d only worn for two days. They did look nice when the man finished, though.

We went to 360 Chicago to check out the views of the city from the top of the John Hancock Center. It was beautiful. I was most impressed as night fell and the streets lit up. You could see all the lights begin to form a grid like something out of a movie. 

Finally, we ended our Christmas Eve with dinner at Chicago’s oldest Italian restaurant, Italian Village. It was the cutest… and super romantic. We definitely pulled out all the stops with appetizers, drinks, and dessert (with coffee). Alex’s seafood crepes were delicious. I’m jealous I didn’t order them for myself.