September 2017 Spotify Playlist


Summer is winding down and we've been experiencing milder temperatures as Fall makes its way to the South. Gone are the 100°+ days and fingers crossed that the wind and mid-80s temps become the new normal. I can hardly believe it's September already. In fact, I'm pretty sure I originally named this playlist "August 2017" on Spotify. Time has really slipped away from me lately. 

I've been listening to a lot of really chill artists that seem to fit the season perfectly. This playlist is inspired by my current love for Mac Demarco. He calls his music "jizz jazz". I'll call it jazz for Millennials.  I hope you enjoy this latest Spotify playlist. It's full of music that is perfect for everything from prepping dinner, eating by the candlelight, folding the laundry, or taking a hot bath. You know, just the everyday drag that you need to make feel a little more interesting.