Exploring the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Wet Wednesday. That’s what I am going to call this day. It was probably the only day completely covered in clouds. I’m not used to the weather being muggy and cold at the same time. We practically ran to the National Gallery to catch the free Shuttle to Modern Two. If I’m completely honest, something about the whole place gave me an uneasy feeling. Maybe the fact that someone told us it was a children’s institution. It just seemed like a rather dull and depressing building to use for that purpose. There wasn’t much to see in the way of free exhibits but we saw all the big names in early Modern Art like Miro, Picasso, Giacometti, Dali, Magritte, Man Ray, and Ernst. The Paolozzi Studio and the brownie we shared in the cafe may have been the highlights as we were quick to make our way across the street. At Modern One we were greeted by Charles Jencks Landform and quite enjoyed walking around it and avoiding the sprinklers on an already rainy day. Landscape art seemed to be widespread in Scotland. A concept that was new to me. I appreciated it so much more once we were able to spend time in the highlands. The broch we visited reminded me of this piece and it was just a meaningful connection to make. We walked through the gardens and had the tastiest meal in the cafe. All of the museum cafes in Scotland were delightful. We shared a salad plate with carrot and beet salad, a parmesan cheese topped potato, and orzo salad. The food was honest, hearty, earthy, and cooked with love like it was homemade. There were so many excellent pieces in Modern One but my favorites were the drawings of Charles Avery, Ciara Phillip’s prints, and Lucy McKenzie’s eclectic mastery of various media. We also saw a few fairly disturbing films which raise the question “what is art”? The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art pushed my brain to its limits and made me think outside of the box. 

That night we went to the Stockbridge Tap for their burger specials. They probably should have called it bun night because I actually got a fish sandwich with fat steak fries that would have made my mom jealous. Alex got to try out some of the local cask beer which was fun for him as a beer snob. I actually started feeling pretty sick from drinking the still water so we went home early and I crawled in bed.