Puppy Class

Last Wednesday Aengus graduated from his puppy class at Petsmart! His trainer, Emily was the best! We would highly recommend anyone take a class from her. 

Over the course of six weeks we tried to perfect sit, stay, lay down, shake, leave it, and drop it while working on our leash walking skills and how to greet other dogs (and people) nicely. We've definitely learned that Aengus has selective listening skills. Sometimes he even turns his nose to treats! This class was definitely good for us to go through. I don't think we would have learned the skills we needed to teach Aengus or taken the time to really practice with him without a set hour of our week devoted to building that bond. I can definitely say that my patience with him has increased. It's not perfect, but I feel confident being more firm and consistent with him.

Now if we can just get him to stop chasing the cats, barking, and jumping up to bite us as a greeting... maybe in the Intermediate class!

Kuleigh Bakeraengus, dog, puppy