Save it for Later

I started using an app (and browser plugin) called Pocket to save all of the things I want to read but either never get around to or don't have time to read at the moment. It's really neat because you can categorize things using tags for reference. I took some time to go through my saves from the past month or so and I'm sharing a few with you today in this link round-up. Try out Pocket for yourself!

FILED UNDER things to remember when I think I want to work for a non-profit and start a family at some point:

Yes, America, finally, is having the very overdue and well-deserved conversation about paid parental leave. But can we also talk about pregnancy for a second — a life event that three-quarters of working women will experience at some point?

It interrupts your physical and emotional body in ways that – unless you have been pregnant before – are pretty hard to fully appreciate.
— Avra Siegel

FILED UNDER things to remember when you forget to be thankful:

Not to mention the adverse reactions being a debbie downer can have on your health. “People who complain frequently tend to play this negative soundtrack about themselves and their lives all the time,” says Bowen. “This causes your cortisol levels to get all jacked up, which raises stress and blood pressure, weakens your immune system, and impacts the circulatory system because you’re staying in this hyper-sensitive state of upset.” Bowen notes that studies have even shown that people who complain consistently tend to have more heart problems, are at higher risk for cancer, and are likely to carry more body fat.
— Will Bowen

FILED UNDER things to remember when nothing seems to be going right:

We can change our mindset from viewing our past as something to be ashamed of and ignore, to viewing our past as the vehicle that led us to where we are now. In a way this allows us to persevere — more than just persevering, we can reach a point of thriving. We need to believe in our future. We need to see the possibility of what lies ahead in order to be filled with our own potential.
— Leslie Tulip

FILED UNDER things to remember when you always have too much to do:

Our society values input more than output. We put all-nighters, over-exertion and inner-turmoil on pedestals. We think it’s OK, admirable even, to run on nothing but fumes and caffeine as we throw ourselves into our work.
— Daryl Lindsay

FILED UNDER things to remember when you're planning a weekend getaway:

What do people like to do in this lovely, laid-back city? Lately . . . eat! And sip cold libations. The food scene here (Greenville, SC) is a-buzzin’, with more than 120 locally owned restaurants dotting 10 city blocks.
— Valerie Luesse