Our Spare Change

Our Spare Change
Our Spare Change Salvaged Coin Long Necklace

This year for my mom's birthday (it's today -- Happy Birthday, Mom!), I had a custom necklace made by Our Spare Change. Danielle and Hillary ran in some of the same friend circles at College of Charleston and I've been following their company on social media for quite some time. I instantly felt connected to their passion for storytelling and knew that I needed to find the perfect opportunity to support their business and mission. For this necklace, I chose the word "patience".





the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

Here's my story:

Growing up my mom always told me that patience is a virtue. It's something I think about daily and strive for but is often elusive. I hope this will be a reminder to endure what seems unbearable, find harmony, and let go of hostility.