Our Favorite Super Bowl LI Commercials

If this year's Super Bowl was indication, the future is now! This is the year of the drone and virtual reality. Everything we only imagined as kids is finally coming to life. I mean, not only did drones light up the sky with an American flag and promise to deliver your Doritos (even if they can't seem to deliver a commercial), but you can be virtually submerged into your TV watching experience, AND there was a LIVE commercial for the first time ever. I think 2017 is already outta control! I need to catch up.

Another great ad that highlights some great uses of modern technology is this one from Hyundai. Soldiers reunited with their families in an unconventional way. Bring on the tears!

Speaking of families, where would we be without the Super Bowl babies? Probably living in a slightly less overpopulated world but that's beside the point... this year's ad was adorable.

Everything Melissa McCarthy touches is pure comedic gold. This commercial had us all in stitches.

I am SO sorry if you were watching the Super Bowl with children but we were watching with a room full of adults our age and thought the T-Mobile ads were hilarious! I didn't even notice the hashtag until the second one. Wow! Warning: this ad is potentially awkward and not exactly safe for work.

Speaking of inappropriate Super Bowl ads, I present to you these three words: Can. Of. Bisque.

Cleaning also got really sexy this year... and then Mr. Clean trolled Twitter.

Hands down our favorite commercial was for Busch! Or should I say "buschhhhh"... haha! Also, check out that rebranding. Will Busch be the new Bud Light in 2017? Eh, probably not in my fridge because we don't drink cheap beer.

Netflix dropped a sneak peek at Season 2 of Stranger Things and my mind is blown! I'm so excited to have a hint at some answers to the giant cliff hanger we've been trying to sort through for months. I know what we'll be doing this year for Halloween!

Stranger Things 2

Being the art history nerd that I am, I knew the drawing and red sky scene looked so familiar. It took me overnight to place it, but it reminds me so much of Louise Bourgeois' Maman Sculpture (which I absolutely have to see this summer when we're in Ottawa)!



You knew this year was going to get political. Thank you for standing up for what is right.