Monday Night Brewing


We went to Monday Night Brewing to tour their facility. It was like a huge party for craft beer lovers! I wish we had friends join us. Inside they had a small gift shop area with t-shirts and other goods. There were couches and chairs set up where you could socialize after grabbing something from the bar or watch Ninja Turtles which happened to be playing on the projector. A few people were playing shuffleboard while waiting to watch where the brew happens. There was also a really great outdoor patio space with a few taps and corn hole boards. At $10 for 6 tastings, I’d say it was a great deal! 

We really wanted to go here because we had their beer, Drafty Kilt, as one of our signature beers at our wedding last year to honor Alex’s Scottish Heritage. We actually got to try the nitro version of Drafty Kilt and it was delicious!