Monday at The Masters


It’s hard to describe the beauty of the Augusta National Golf Course and I’m not sure photos do it justice. Alex and I are constantly amazed at the vast size of the pristine land that lies mostly hidden from public sight in the middle of Augusta. We applied for tickets last year and were lucky enough to be selected to purchase four Monday practice round tickets. We decided to take our moms with us in the morning and then traded off with our siblings in the afternoon. It’s the first time I’ve ever been to the Masters during one of the practice round days so I was pretty excited to be able to bring my camera inside the National. 


Once inside the course, we grabbed a quick breakfast before making our rounds. If there’s one thing you should know about the Masters, it’s that their food is not only tasty, but ridiculously cheap! It’s probably the only sporting event in the world where you could have a beer, sandwich, and chips for $6. Their pimento cheese and egg salad sandwich recipes are coveted, and if you don’t go home with a stack of dated souvenir cups, you’re just not doing it right!


We let Alex lead the way since he had been to the tournament most recently out of our group. We went in and to the left, around the back side of the Clubhouse, past the cottages, down holes 10 and 11, and then followed Amen Corner back up to 16 to catch a glimpse of the skip contest over the water. While around the South Gate and Berckman’s Corner we visited the gift shop and stocked up on hats and goodies for the baby. We enjoyed our lunch up in the spectator stands while trying to avoid getting too sunburnt.

After a tiring morning of trekking up and down hills on the course, my mom and I grabbed an infamous Georgia peach ice cream sandwich to cool off before meeting my sister to trade off badges. We had the best Spring weather you could imagine and it made for one heck of a day. 


I love the way that the Masters tournament embraces history and tradition. Each hole is named after a flower or tree that can be found on the grounds as a nod to the land’s founding as a nursery. Bridges are named after famous golfers and patting. Oh, and did you see the incredible hole-in-one by Jack Nicklaus’ grandson Gary during the Par 3 tournament? Special moments like that are what makes the Masters truly magical. It truly is a tradition unlike any other. 

We were talking with some friends last night and realized there’s probably no other sporting event that creates the amount of side hustle we see in Augusta during Masters Week. People will rent their houses and take a week of vacation off of work to cash in on a part time job cleaning houses, chauffeuring patrons, setting up chairs, catering, and a million other hospitality-related tasks that you might be able to imagine. Despite the traffic, the hope of attending the tournament and the excitement surrounding the influx of tourists brings everyone in Augusta together for one incredible week each year.