Metro Market (R.I.P.)


Metro Market

This morning started with spin class at the Family Y of Downtown Augusta, continued with a walk past my favorite building (the J. B. White’s building, fabulously redone by REX), and ended at Metro Market. Metro Market reminds me a lot of Caviar and Bananas in Charleston except it’s actually owned by Sprint! They had tons of grab-and-go options in addition to made-to-order crepes, sandwiches, and other lunch items that your ordered using a touch screen system on the wall. They had a decent selection of cheeses and craft beer for a snack to take home. I could see this being great for business people who want a quick, cheap bite for lunch. There was even a seating area in the back. A few years back Sundries Market had a similar concept and I hate that it didn’t last. Maybe this is Augusta’s newest solution. It think since the concept is backed by an established brand it will be here to stay.