When I was little it would be candy or playing with my favorite toy. When I got older it was soda or watching TV during the week. Now instead of giving up something for Lent I like to approach the season from the perspective of taking on a new mission. Religious or not, we all have things that we idolize instead of God. For me that has become social media. It’s something that can be a useful tool in keeping us all connected but it holds too much power in my life. I spend more time comparing myself and my success to others instead of creating my own story. I’m searching for real experiences and this Lent I hope to have the opportunity to focus on what is important in my life right now.

Alex and I are in a season of change and there are things I need to devote my attention to other than a screen. For that reason I am giving up Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for Lent.

But back to my first point. It’s not as much about what I’m giving up as it is what I am taking on. Instead of marveling over art other people create and post to Instagram I will be making my own. Instead of checking out what others have to say about their favorite tv show on Twitter I will be reading and keeping up with my Goodreads challenge.

You get the idea. This Lent I want to see what I can accomplish in the real world, not a digital one. Will I be happier and healthier after the end of 40 days and nights? I hope so.