Keltie Rhiannon


Introducing the newest resident of the Bakery.

We had been toying with the idea of getting another dog for a while before we decided on a whim to go pick up our new puppy. Initially, we thought that we would wait until the end of the summer when we're back from Canada so that we don't have to kennel two dogs or find puppy sitters for both. Aengus is such a high energy dog and we felt fairly certain that bringing another dog into the house would help wear him out some so that we can cook without feeling like our hands are full or sit and actually relax while watching television. We've been trying to find a rescue puppy that wasn't a Pit Bull or Chihuahua for months so when we stumbled upon a German Shepherd / Akita mix it seemed serendipitous! I grew up with a German Shepherd and love how smart and loyal they are.

We brought Keltie home on January 27th from Aiken where she was staying on a farm with lots of foster puppies through Molly's Militia. She had two sisters and a brother that went to other homes the next day so we didn't feel too bad about separating them. Her name was originally Hildi but we settled on Keltie during our car ride home. It's a girl's name that Alex has always liked plus it's the name of a really cool outdoor brand, Kelty. She's an absolute doll. She follows us around everywhere and is the most cuddly pup I've ever met! Aengus loves playing with her but sometimes he doesn't realize how big and scary he is. We're still house training with an average of one accident a day. I think that's pretty incredible for a dog that's only ever lived outside up until now! She's so active. She doesn't get tired on long walks like Aengus did at the same age. Keltie gets lonely and whines a lot at night so we've started keeping her in bed with us half-way through the night. She just cuddles right up to Alex and sleeps! It's so precious. Aengus can never sit still so we haven't been able to keep him in bed with us. He'd be up all night walking around on top of us and exploring the room.

We hope the puppies will continue to be best friends and teach each other lots of good manners as they grow. I can see lots of walks together in our future this summer!