I’m just a little bit excited about this post because it’s coming to you from our new iMac! It is wonderful to have a functioning computer! We decided not to buy Valentine’s gifts for each other this year because we had been saving up for a new computer and finally bought it! Alex told me it wasn’t set to ship until the 18th but he’s very sneaky. Friday night he got called out to an incident around 1am and when I woke up the next morning our computer was sitting there with a surprise note! Turns out it shipped on time and he had been hiding it in his office for a few days. I never suspected! Despite not planning anything we had the best day ever. I hate the pressure that Valentine’s Day puts on going out to dinner. What if you’re in a bad mood and just don’t feel like it? It can ruin everything! I made a few festive decorations and we picked out lots of meats and cheeses together to create our own charcuterie board. We sipped wine and danced to love songs from Elvis, The Beach Boys, and the like. I couldn’t imagine a better evening in to celebrate our love. It was the perfect first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple.