I promise my life isn’t all about food. I know it seems like that sometimes but we all eat three meals a day so they may as well be good. I enjoy the process of cooking. The anticipation. The joy one gets from sharing a meal with loved ones and the conversations that pass over the dinner table. Or maybe it’s the shows you watch on the television during supper time. Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy in our case. They bring back find memories of my childhood and it’s fun to carry that on to newlywed life. I think that’s all the nostalgia I can take for this post. I promise this meal is so easy and tasty. I spent about five minutes to prep it and cooked it in less than fifteen. Just follow the directions on your packaged fish. I opted for frozen tilapia from Trader Joe’s. It seems to be fairly affordable there. I seasoned the fish with lemon pepper and layered basil pesto, capers, roasted red peppers and artichokes in my tin foil packet. It’s that easy! The pasta was leftover. I’m still getting used to cooking for two. I used justice from the fish packets as a sauce with some rosemary roasted tomatoes I made while the oven was still hot.

This meal was a lot more filling than some of the others we’ve had recently. I guess it’s the meat! I’m not one to eat much but my husband is often asking for it. Bacon and seafood are our compromises. Make this for yourself this week. I promise it will be on your go-to monthly meal planning rotation. Bon appetit!