Our first Hello Fresh box

I've been eating as a vegetarian for a month now! It's going really well and I feel pretty accomplished. I haven't been as good about not eating any dairy, but I still feel like I'm eating it in moderation compared to before. Officially down 5 lbs in January which is nice slow but steady progress given I haven't been incorporating daily activity into my routine yet.

Because I'm eating mostly plant-based vegetarian meals, we've jumped back on the subscription box bandwagon to simplify our weeknight grocery shopping and meal planning. After giving Blue Apron and Home Chef a go in 2016, we decided to try out Hello Fresh because we received a coupon in the mail. Monday afternoon we received our first box at the door.


I am so impressed at how little packaging Hello Fresh uses compared to Blue Apron and Home Chef. Inside our big box there was only one freezer pack. Each meal comes compartmentalized into smaller boxes. I love how organized it is and it makes storing things in our refrigerator much easier. The boxes are easily broken down to include in our recycling bin for the week.


All three of our meals were things I could see us easily recreating again with the menu cards. Since the menu cards did not come hole punched and are a bit smaller in size than our previous two boxes, I'm going to find a file pouch for safekeeping. Last week on Monday night we prepared the squash flatbreads, Tuesday we had black bean and sweet potato tacos, and Wednesday Alex made the kale and quinoa power up salad while I was out.

My only criticism of the box was that our avocado wasn't ripe when we were ready to eat our meal so we just used the sour cream instead of creating the avocado crema. This week we had black bean chili with avocado so we made sure to leave it out on the counter and fix that meal last to give it time to ripen. Alex thought that the meal portions were a little smaller than what we got with Home Chef, but I feel satisfied without being stuffed. I think not eating meat (at least at dinner) is a little bit of an adjustment for him. We just finished our second Hello Fresh box tonight! I'm hooked. If you'd like to try out Hello Fresh, feel free to use my sign-up code.

Have you ordered a meal subscription box before? Which one is your favorite?