Harry's Razors - Not Just for Men

Harry's Truman Kit packaging

Before we get started, Harry's reached out to me about testing out one of their razor kits. While I received the product in this review courtesy of the company, all thoughts are mine and I only write about brands that I truly love. 

Okay ladies, let's get real about all the products that are pitched to us through digital and print advertising all day long. They're pink and purple and set apart from their male counterpart. In fact, we pay up to 13% more than men for personal care products according to this article about the "Pink Tax". It's 2017. Why are we even making everyday items that are gender specific? When it comes to shaving, when is the last time you remember shaving around the pool with twenty of your closest friends being offered Pina Coladas by the pool boy? Never. And remember this little gem? Yeah, they went there... The advertising associated with personal care products is ridiculous! Why do we keep buying into this stuff?

Harry's Razors Truman Set
Harry's aftershave balm

Remember when I mentioned that I left all of my toiletry bags at home when I was packing for the beach? Well luckily, I did manage to remember to pack the Harry's Truman razor kit that arrived in the mail that day. It ended up being a total lifesaver. Of course, I still had to run to the store for a toothbrush, foundation that matched my skin tone, and sunscreen but I managed on a pretty minimal beauty routine which, ironically, is what I had originally intended to share in this post. It was a little more minimal than I originally planned but when you're on vacation, there's really nothing else to do but relax and go with the flow! I'm not a super girly-girl so my average shower routine includes washing my hair and face, lathering up a bit of Dr. Bronner's castille soap, and maybe shaving my legs... if I'm awake enough. What can I say, I like my sleep in the mornings so I'm ecstatic if I'm in and out of the shower in less than six minutes!

Harry's Truman razor in orange
Harry's Truman razor in orange with shave gel

Before Harry's reached out to me about their product, I had seen it in on an endcap display at our local Target but to be honest, I had never considered using a "men's razor" for myself. I studied art in college and I'm intrinsically drawn to products with a great design and packaging. I not only love the way that the Truman razor looks, but it fits in my hand perfectly and the handle is slightly textured to prevent any slips in the shower! Recently, Alex and I have also adopted a quality of quantity mindset and when it comes to making decisions about the products we purchase, we will gladly spend a little more for an item that will last longer. Luckily, Harry's razors look better AND are cheaper than the razor I've been using! I was paying $9 a razor and $23 for 6 pack of blade refills. Harry's Razors like the Truman razor that I selected start at just $9 and an 8 pack of blade refills retails for just $16. 

Harry's shave gel and orange Truman razor

The beach was the perfect place to test out how close of a shave I could get. Harry's surpassed my expectations! I got a closer shave than I do with my old go-to and the shave gel kept me from having any irritating razor burn. As someone with very sensitive skin, I was a little nervous to try it out because it does have a fairly strong amber / musky fragrance. Because it's made with natural ingredients, it didn't bother my skin at all! Just as a heads up, the shave gel comes out quickly and a little goes a long way! I was able to get a full lather from about half a pump. 

If you're thinking about trying Harry's razors, just do it! You can start a trial for free (just pay $3 shipping). Trust me, I don't think you'll miss your old pink razor.