Happy to say this is one of the last weekends that we will have to fit all our adventures into a few hours in the morning. Alex got up and cooked pancakes with strawberries (and Nutella for me) for breakfast. We got ready and headed down to the River Walk. I had forgotten that this weekend was The Big Float. We got caught by the train at first so we parked near Saint Paul’s and got a good look at the graffiti on all the rail cars before crossing over the bridge. As someone who works downtown, I can tell you that the trains are always so slow and long. You don’t want to get caught by one if you’re in a hurry. We saw quite a few people on kayaks, canoes, floats, and stand up paddle boards. The market was crowded as usual so we just passed through. The other day at work I came across an old photo looking down 8th street towards the Lamar building so we took some time to inspect the Toaster and do a comparison. After our walk, we went to Curry Hut for lunch. Lately we’ve been obsessed with Indian food so we wanted to check the place out. They’ve been closed for a bit due to a kitchen fire but reopened in the past few weeks. At lunch they just have a small buffet. There weren’t many items to choose from but we got to try Chicken 65 for the first time and their dal makhani was some of the best I’ve ever had! We’ll go back for dinner sometime soon!