Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Contrary to what the Internet seems to have believed for the past week, today is the first full day of fall! We can officially bid summer adieu. Summer was a season of change. I quit my old job, we got married, spent two weeks exploring Scotland, moved back to Charleston, started new jobs, welcomed students back to CofC, finished reading a few books, started a few paintings, had a beach day and got stung by jellyfish, ate too much food during beer and restaurant week, launched this new blog and a website, and finished out this weekend with the Highland Games, Carolina Green Fair, and Open Arts.

The weather doesn’t have me totally convinced but the drop in humidity is making time outside more bearable. I’m looking forward to cool, crisp mornings, more bike rides, fall sitcom premieres, finishing the second season of Masters on Showtime, a couple of weddings, switching back to warm coffee, breaking out my jacket collection, taking a drive to see the changing leaves, carving a pumpkin, cooking more pies and casseroles, and our first Thanksgiving on our own. What other things should be on our fall bucket list?