Rooney’s Nursery Tour


Our little girl’s nursery is by far my favorite room of the house. It’s the most complete and most well thought-out. It’s also the one room where I feel like I’ve narrowed down what my style is enough to implement it tastefully.

Like any home project, the nursery started with a little Pinterest inspiration. We waited to find out the sex of our firstborn until birth so I wanted a gender neutral nursery that we could easily add elements to as we needed to make it feel a little more boy or girl! Alex bought me the incredible Pendleton blanket as a wedding gift and it was affixed with a Luckenbooth. I always knew it would have a place in the nursery so I guess I should really credit that one piece as a launchpad for the nursery inspiration.

One of the very first pieces I bought for the nursery is the Animal Alphabet Chart print by Rifle Paper Co. (Anna Rifle Bond). I’ve always loved her art but this is the first piece we’ve owned! I snatched it on sale from Zulily shortly after finding out we were pregnant. Another piece we bought early on is an old football program from our high school alma later that we found in a local antique shop. My husband and I are high school sweethearts (although I hate that term) and I thought it would be fitting for the nursery, especially since we live in the same town again now. We added the Garden City print from Land of Thee to the gallery wall along with a print of Lucy as a matador by Meg Dainty and a print by Alyssa Beck.

Much of the furniture including the diaper cart, dresser, and bookcase cake from IKEA. The side table next to our rocker from Buy Buy Baby was left in my mother-in-law’s new house by the old owners. I hated the color at first but it actually works so well in the nursery! I’m glad we decided not to paint it for use in our bedroom.

Rooney has tons of my old crocheted blankets and a few new ones gifted by family and friends. I’ve rolled them and tucked them into a beautiful rattan basket from IKEA that we could use for toy storage someday. My mother-in-law bought us the cute mid mod crib and the shibori crib sheet is from Target. We have a few stuffed animals in the corner that mean a lot too. One teddy bear was handmade by my great aunt and the other came home from Scotland with us on our honeymoon. My husband found the Roo from Winnie the Pooh on eBay after I just had to have one! I was surprised we weren’t able to find anything new since the Christopher Robin movie came out just before we had Rooney but alas, this old one ended up being perfect after a wash cycle.

The closet is organized chaos and now filled with even more hand me down little girl clothes from our generous friends! I have baskets for all her extra swaddles, feeding supplies, and shoes, hats, and little accessories. Our diaper, wipe, and bath overstock stacks neatly below the shelves. Luckily we held on to some product boxes because we are already sending back our baby monitor due to a glitch in the screen! We asked for books instead of cards at my baby shower and were blessed with so many great stories that I can’t wait to share with Rooney as she grows. I have a feeling we will have to add another book bin somewhere as the years pass because Alex and I are avid readers.

We don’t spend a lot of time in the nursery right now because we have a pack and play set up near our bed for co-sleeping these first several months. It’s still one of my favorite spots to relax and I’m excited to have such a beautiful space for our daughter to grow up in!

*If you have questions about any of the items you see, leave a comment and I’ll try to source something similar for you! *