Forever Christmas Trees at Tire City Potters


Anna of Life and Lattes recently formed an Augusta bloggers group so some of us gals could get together to know each other better and support each other’s work. We had our first meetup over the weekend and even though I was very unfashionably late and had Rooney girl in tow, I was so glad that I was able to come out and meet several of the girls in person!  

Tire City Potters generously hosted our first blogger meetup and we had the opportunity to be some of the first people to create their Forever Christmas Trees this season! They supplied everything we needed to make our own piece of pottery for the holiday season. The pre-made clay Christmas tree base is hollow so a lot of us chose to poke holes in it so a fake candle or string lights can go underneath and shine through. You could make shapes to attach to the tree with slip like ornaments or stars but since I was so late I had to stick to drawing on it. I decided to free-hand some funky little stars to have something cute and quirky to decorate Rooney’s nursery this Christmas. I finished my tree off with lots of layers of white and yellow glaze. I love how it turned out and I absolutely cannot wait to see the final result in a couple of weeks when it comes out of the kiln!

It was so much fun getting to chat with fellow Augusta bloggers and see what we all came up with. Everyone’s designs were so different and unique. I can’t believe I’ve never stopped into Tire City Potters before. They’re just across the street from The Hive which I’ve mentioned on my blog plenty of times. I think it would be fun to go back every year and create a new Forever Tree to start a little collection. We have an awkward floating wall and ledge between our kitchen and living room that would be the perfect place to start a little Christmas village type collection of them! If you’re looking for something fun to do with a group (family, friends, or even co-workers) this winter in Augusta, be sure to book your party online with Tire City Potters before they’re gone December 10th!

Thank you again to Tire City Potters for hosting us! 

Here’s the finished product in Rooney’s room! I used a camp light under the base to light it up. Just needs a bow on top!