February 2018 Spotify Playlist


This was meant to be a Valentine’s Day playlist but I’m a couple of weeks late and it turns out that a lot of the songs on this playlist aren’t all that lovey-dovey after all. Here are just a few songs I’ve been listening to as of late. I’ve been a bit fixated on some of the same artists so I’d love to hear what you’ve been listening to and discover some new artists to add to my rotation! I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer, as they always seem to bring more upbeat music that echoes the warmth of the season. 


On an unrelated note, I hope you enjoyed the throwback pic of my husband perusing the bins of records at Vertigo Records in Ottawa. If you missed them, be sure to check out all of my Ottawa travel posts here. I’ve been trying out a slightly different editing style to switch up my Instagram feed. It’s still warm but not nearly as bright or saturated! 

It is also my nephew’s 9th birthday today so we are bringing over a big ice cream cake to share! I’ve been craving ice cream lately so I can’t wait to celebrate with our family in a little while.