Easter Sunday Flowers

Tulips for Easter
Easter Tulips

When we were living in Charleston we got in the routine of shopping for our groceries at Trader Joe's on Sunday and picking up a bouquet or a few bunches of flowers. I took a lot of pride in carefully trimming the stems and arranging them on our bar cart to enjoy for the week. Now that we don't have a Trader Joe's for cheap groceries and our trips to the grocery store have become a little less routine, I haven't spent as much time or money on fresh blooms. Since Sunday was Easter, I thought I should pick up a couple bouquets of tulips while I was buying dinner to mark the occasion. I wish they were Easter lilies (because I love the smell and they remind me so much of our wedding), but they're extremely toxic to cats and I didn't feel safe bringing them home. 

We had a really simple Easter Sunday together. The Easter Bunny visited Alex's bedside table in the early morning. We slept in and shared a breakfast of eggs, biscuits and gravy, and grits with cheese and bacon cooked by my great uncle and a dear friend at church. We celebrated Aengus' first birthday outside before going out for a late lunch. Alex was in the mood for a bahn mi but the local Vietnamese restaurant was closed so we ended up having burgers at Red Robin. When I sat down at the table I noticed the name of their salt was "salt of the earth" which was just so, so special to me and another thing that reminds me of our vows to each other. We came home and indulged in a two hour nap together before simmering a veggie curry on the stove and singing along to the Bee Gees special on CBS.

Quiet days like Easter Sunday remind me of how grateful I am to have Alex in my life. He's such a selfless husband and an awesome dad to all our fur babies. There aren't many people who would work all day on a Saturday while you're having a girl's weekend out of town and still offer to make a trip to pick up treats for the pups and start the charcoal grill while the sun is setting. (We had grilled shrimp + pineapple with Mexican street corn, homegrown cilantro, and arroz amarillo on Saturday night after my drive home from Charleston and it was incredible.) 

Being an adult is still a strange feeling sometimes. We don't get into the commercialized aspects of holidays much anymore. I'm sure all of that will change if we have kids but for now I'm just enjoying the time we get to spend together. I'm so grateful for lowkey holidays off work together.