Drive, Chip, and Putt


When my mom casually asked me Saturday afternoon at lunch if we wanted to go to the Drive, Chip, and Putt tournament Sunday morning at the Augusta National I was surprised to say the least! She is good at keeping secrets. I spent the rest of the day fretting over what I was going to wear on the course since I knew there was a strong chance of rain. If you’ve never been to The Masters, there’s definitely a formula for appropriate dress. Luckily when we arrived at the gates around 10:30 the rain had already passed for the day. Oh, and I should mention we didn’t run into any traffic which was a huge blessing with a baby in the backseat (and for my travel anxiety, of course).

We met my mom outside the gates to trade off badges and the baby so Alex and I could enjoy a little day date to ourselves. Admittedly, we haven’t made date nights a priority so far this year with Alex’s frequently scheduled weekend work hours so it was a nice treat to have a babysitter for the afternoon. We took a few pictures with Rooney before heading inside. She looked darling in her little Master’s onesie that we picked up last year as part of our pregnancy reveal! It barely fit (because for whatever reason they don’t sell 9M sized baby merchandise) but we made it work!


We met up with my sister and her friends at the practice course and then headed into the pro shops to pick out all our souvenirs. This year marked the inaugural Augusta Nationals Women’s Amateur so we made sure to get a few things to mark the occasion! I came home with an ANWA Tervis and a little teddy bear for Rooney that we plan to keep forever. Since we had never been to the DCP Tournament before, we walked around to each of the holes that were open for competition to get a glimpse at some of the young golfers showing off their skills. We also saw Condoleeza Rice, Gary Player (how the heck is he 83? He still moves around the course with such spunk!), Bubba Watson, and Niall Horan… No big deal! I feel like every girl’s goal is to spot Niall during Masters week in Augusta so consider it mission accomplished!

Arguably the best part of our day was consuming as many pimento cheese sandwiches we could stomach and bringing home some snacks for later. You can’t beat the cheap concessions prices at the National! A buck fifty will get you a famous pimento cheese or egg salad sandwich and drinks come with a souvenir cup to encourage you to stay hydrated and bring home a cheap collectible item. Every Augusta native knows the dated Masters cups become our fancy drinking cups at home.


There are so many days where I’m a bit bored of our life in Augusta but then Masters Week rolls around and we are reminded again of just how lucky we are to live here and get to experience the beauty of the Augusta National Golf Course year after year. We all know the Augusta National has more money than God and I swear they must have a cut a deal with Mother Nature this year. The last of the cold weather moved right out of the way just in time for out-of-town guests to arrive. We’ve been enjoying all the green grass and azaleas the pop up thunderstorms have brought along with the lower 80 degree temperatures. The Masters is truly a tradition unlike any other and one I’m so glad we are now able to continue with our daughter.