The Riverwalk on Film

Remnants of Fort Discover in Downtown Augusta Georgia

In the Spring of 2015 I took a job in Augusta. I left that job this week. It's strange how quickly things can change. One of the reasons I love capturing everyday moments on film is that when you look back at old photos, they bring back a flood of memories.

This day in the Summer of 2015 was an ordinary day for us. I honestly wouldn't remember it at all if it weren't photographed. Alex moved back to the area about a month after me. I'd been living in our apartment with nothing more than a mattress on the floor and a sofa in the living room. We made several trips up to IKEA to pick out things we'd need like dressers and tables. Things we'd never owned together as a married couple. Alex started a serving / bartending job as soon as he could and from then on we were like ships in the night. When I'd go in to work, he'd be asleep from getting in the night before. There were days where we didn't really see each other or talk to each other outside of text messages and waking each other up to momentarily say "goodbye" and "I love you". 

This particular Saturday was one of those days where we were both free in the morning. We got up early to go eat bagels at the New Moon Cafe and walk around downtown. I had decided I wanted to take some photos of the Art the Box project and we made our way down to the local farmer's market where we ran into our friend Shelby. The downtown Augusta Riverwalk wasn't a place we visited often. It was a hot day and we took advantage of a few hours of time together to enjoy each other's company and explore our new old hometown.