In a way, New Year's is like a birthday. It's really just another day, but symbolically it feels transformative. Everyone talked about 2016 like it was the worst thing and sure, lots of bad things happened, but looking back, there were plenty of good memories to celebrate!


I'm losing the long list of resolutions for 2017 because let's face it, I'll break them if it's one giant to-do list. Instead, I'm choosing one word to focus on in the coming year.


adj. 1. done consciously and intentionally
conscious, purposeful, intended

verb 1. engage in long and careful consideration

In 2017, I want to waste less time and have less regrets. I want to spend more time making my life fitter, happier, and more productive (hello, Radiohead). I have a feeling this next year I will question everything but learn about myself in the process. Questions like: Does this McDonald's taste good? Yes, but does it help me lose weight, save money, or feel good about its economic and environmental impacts? No. Does complaining about your friend's choices make you feel better? No, so talk to them about it or think about what it is in your life you need to change so you don't resent their friendship. I could go on, but I think you get my point here. We have lots of big plans for 2017 so this next year will be a year full of deliberate choices that I hope will lead to a more meaningful, and in turn, purposeful life.