Last night we went to see a documentary called DamNation at the new science center. The ECOllective Student Project Committee and Charleston Waterkeeper played a huge part in bringing the film to campus and it will be available to check out in the library now.

DamNation discussed the negative environmental impacts of dams with a heavy emphasis on landscapes and migratory fish passage. Growing up in a town where dams were used to prevent flooding, it was interesting to see the other side of the story. For me it put into perspective the extent to which humans rule the land. Instead of living with the land we are doing whatever we want to it. It was incredible to see how quickly rivers retake their natural shape after dam removal. Mother Nature is so powerful. She’s much more resilient than humankind. We can’t continue to take from the land in the same ways we have been since industrialization. It’s just not sustainable. I’m far from perfect but I realize that we’ve got to make changes. Maybe removing all the dams isn’t the most feasible but there are tons of practical things you and I can do every day like riding a bike or composting our trash.

DamNation was honestly one of the best films I’ve seen in a long time. It was witty, heartbreaking, and inspiring. I can’t describe how breathtakingly beautiful this country is. You should check out this film now! Damnationfilm.com available to rent on different sites