Collective Downtown

Collective Coffee Co. has only been open at their downtown location for six days but I’ve already visited three times.

My first visit I had a traditional macchiato with my all-time Bagel Shop favorite, a sausage egg and cheese on everything bagel.

Second visit was for a business/pleasure meeting with a local entrepreneur. I had them make an iced Americano and had another everything bagel, this time with veggie cream cheese.

Third visit is pictured above. A beautiful vanilla latté and shared huevos rancheros and bagel with my husband. The huevos rancheros had a sweet salsa that was a little unexpected but so tasty!

The austere decor of Collective has been a bit of an adjustment but I think it fits the direction they seem to be going. So far I’ve found it to be quite calming. I’m not sure how long it will last with students moving in next weekend. Living so close to this spot I’m sure we will continue to go frequently.