CofC Homecoming Weekend


It’s been fun working for the college and getting to pretend that we are students again from time to time. This past week was Homecoming week. While it wasn’t easy because of the stress of organizing people and events, I think we can both agree that we let loose and had some fun.

The weekend before we worked really hard to decorate the lobby and create a banner. The homecoming theme was “Unmask your Pride” so Craig chose a superhero theme and I think it all turned out really well.

Wednesday we were some of the first 100 people to arrive at Liberty FFC so we got free t-shirts and enjoyed eating cafeteria food while catching up on recent events with our friend Garrett. I’m really glad we got free shirts because my boss ended up giving us his tickets to see CofC play William and Mary on Thursday and WE WON! I think it was he Beat W&M shirt! The most amazing part of the game was watching a kid make a goal from half court to win 50 pizzas. Now if we can just get everyone to cheer that loudly for the team.

Saturday afternoon was the homecoming tailgate in the cistern. We had to decorate a table for the dorm. The guys came up with a really cute idea. The top of the table had basketball related trivia questions and you had to “unmask Clyde” to see if you got the right answer! Pretty clever. There was an awesome DJ and of course, more free food from Aramark and a few other giveaways. With the amount of free food and shirts CofC gives away, no student should ever be naked or hungry.

Anyways, this was really just a humble brag about my husband who works really hard at his job. I’m proud of him and I can’t wait to see where the next few months takes us.