It's Christmastime in the City

Eleven City Diner
Brunch at Eleven City Diner in Chicago, IL
Chicago Athletic Club
Maggie Daley Park
Flamingo Chicago IL

Christmas Day was a dream. Waking up to sketch in bed, stumbling across an Obey Giant mural on the way to brunch at Eleven City Diner, discovering Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate at Millennium Park, and ice skating in front of the bean left us feeling more grateful than ever for each other and the ability to travel together. We finished up our day with an untraditional Christmas dinner at the Chicago Curry House. We love Indian food but rarely go together as a couple since it’s always so much food. We were lucky to find this place was open on Christmas Day! I've only had two days in my life so far where I thought to myself as the day was opening that it was perfect, just perfect. One was my wedding day. The other day was this Christmas Day.